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Trusted & reliable Litigation Support

Trusted & Reliable Litigation Support

ProLegalTech applies a focused, forward-thinking approach to all phases of litigation. Our legal minded team is collectively driven to provide the best service to the attorneys, paralegals and IT staff we assist each day. From the initial collection of data, to captivating a jury in closing argument, we are relentless in our pursuit of product and legal knowledge to assist lawyers in providing defensible eDiscovery and winning civil trials.

    Highly Experienced Trial Technologist

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    • Tech work in Civil Trials since 2001

    • Expert understanding of civil trials

    • Judges, Juries all appreciate our efficiency in court.

    • Quick and responsive in and out of the courtroom

    Highly experienced Videography

    Best services in town

    ProLegalTech brings the latest in technology to capture video depositions with high definition Audio and Video clarity

    Highly experienced Litigation Support

    We’re here to help

    Deadlines matter in the legal world.  We will move heaven and earth to complete your project on or before your deadline!

    • We have the right equipment and people to achieve your deadline.

    • We offer free pick-up and delivery services for most projects.

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      I have utilized ProLegalTech for the past 10 years. They are very easy to work with and return my finished product quickly and accurately done. I have been to trial several times and highly recommend their trial services.

      Teala Abbott